ROCHELLE STEVENS FOUNDATION - Out Run Obesity 3k Family Walk

      Out Run Obesity 1 Mile Family walk & Health Fair 

            "Out Run Obesity" With Olympic Gold Medalist Rochelle Stevens 

Tennessee and Mississippi has been leading the nation in "Childhood Obesity & Overweight Adults" for too long.  According, to researchers we are supposed to walk 8,500 steps per day.

Enjoy getting healthy with your family & friends at our beautiful parks and trails.

Walk at your own pace walk as we take steps together cutting calories, losing weight and improving our overall health.

Meet our sponsors that are passionate about you reaching your goals at our health fair immediately after the 1 mile walk.

Join other families that are looking to make a healthy lifestyle change and roll your family and friends today at

September TBA        Latimore Park                             Horn lakes,MS. 
September TBA         Johnson Park                              Collierville,TN.
September TBA        Frazier Park                                  Covington,TN.
October      TBA         Downtown River Loop             Memphis,TN.
October      TBA         Germantown High                     Germanton,TN.
October      TBA                                                                     Earl, Ark.
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